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5 Ways

To Add More Fruits And Vegetables To Your Day

It is estimated that only 1 in every 10 adults is meeting the minimum daily recommendation for fruits and vegetables. The federal guidelines for getting enough fruits and vegetables per day is 1.5t o 2 cups of fruit per day 2-3 cups of vegetables.

There is ample evidence that fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy body. Fruits and vegetables contribute to a lower risk of heart disease,heart attacks, stroke, obesity, diabetes and other health problems. Fruits and vegetables also supply the body with essential nutrients that help keep it functioning; they have even been associated with a lower risk of certain cancers.

If you aren't used to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the idea of suddenly getting enough of them in your daily diet. Even simple fruit and vegetable recipes can be daunting if you don't cook with them very often. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be hard to get the right amount of fruits and
vegetables! The following are 5 ways that you can add
enough fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

#1 : Add vegetables to your regular meals

One of the easiest ways to start eating more vegetables is to add them to your daily meals, instead of searching high and low for fruit and vegetable recipes that you've never tried before. For example: if you eat spaghetti with ground beef and spaghetti sauce, toss in a few big handfuls of spinach, chopped zucchini, sliced carrots and other vegetables to add to your veggie intake without much fuss. You can also toss more vegetables into omelettes, soup recipes; stir fry dishes and many other meals.

#2 : Make fruits and vegetables your go-to snack

One of the best ways to get enough fruits and vegetables is to replace your unhealthy snacks with plenty of fruit and vegetable options. For instance, buy a bowl of apples and make those a daily snack throughout the week or have a pack of pre-washed baby carrots and little dip containers ready for when you want something in between meals. This will help you eat more vegetables and reduce unhealthy snacking all at the same time.

#3 : Start doing a " Meatless Monday" option

If you do want to try out some fruit and vegetable recipes, avoid trying to suddenly cook them every day of the week and instead do a Meatless Monday. Meatless Monday is, as the same suggests, a day when you don't eat meat and instead stick to fruits and vegetables. Dedicating a day to meatless meals will help you reduce your intake, save money and give you a chance to explore the wide world of fruits and vegetables.

#4 : Start eating salads with every meal

Salads get a bad reputation for being bland and flavourless, but that's because most inexpensive restaurant salads are simply iceberg lettuce topped with store-bought ranch.You can make a delicious and much more nutritious salad by using a variety of different greens, such as deeper green lettuces, spinach,cabbage -along with your favourite vegetables such as carrots, radishes, cucumbers, green onions and much more. Just remember to take it easy on the dressing, or make your own healthy dressing! And don't forget fruits-strawberries, apples and even grapes can make for a delicious add-on to many different salads.

#5 : Meal- Prep servings of cooked vegetables for easy access

One reason why many people don't get enough fruits or vegetables is that it can take time to make large batches of roasted vegetables that taste good. You can give yourself easy access to delicious vegetables by prepping them ahead of time so that all you need to do throughout the week is pull them out of the fridge, heat up, and enjoy. For instance, large roast pans of potatoes, carrots , brussel sprouts, broccoli and your other favourite vegetables for a quick and easy way to get lots of greens.

Making sure that you eat enough fruits and vegetables is essentials if you want to be healthy. Don't forget to implement the above tricks that will have you eating more fruits and veggies in no time!

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