Toothbuckle is a proven design that locks onto your toothbrush and holds securely when traveling.


Toothbuckle actively protects your entire toothbrush with its LFGB silicone and antimicrobial materials, from everyday toilet spray, airborne germs and millions of bad bacteria guarding you against toothbrush cross contamination No bad taste completely odourless.

Identifiable Colors

Toothbuckle colors helps you to immediately identify your personal toothbrush fitting perfectly into your home and travel lifestyle.

Soft Touch

The most effective toothbrush holder on the market. Fits most manual toothbrushes. ‘Soft Touch’ coating for a luxury feel. Vent at bottom of the base to allow water and toothpaste residue to escape.

We Recommend

Rinse Toothbuckle under warm water to keep clean. Toothbuckle does not protect you against disease. Dentist recommends you change your toothbrush every 3 months. Do not dissemble or ingest your Toothbuckle. Not for electric toothbrushes

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