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Toothbuckle covers keep away the harmful transfer of germs from the bathroom onto your toothbrush and then into your mouth.
Making Toothbuckle covers an essential part of your hygiene routine means that everyday airborne germs, toilet spray, and cross-contamination are problems of the past.

Here is why you need your very own sustainable toothbrush cover.

.Toothbuckle cover securely locks onto your entire toothbrush whether you are at home or on the move.

. Toothbuckle covers is a comprehensive ventilated cover that allows your toothbrush to dry out in-between brushing.

. Toothbuckle covers contain natural silver—with additional antibacterial protection for every surface. We have also included a luxury soft touch for a feel-good silky smooth finish.

. All covers are reusable, easy to clean and exceptionally durable in sustainability.

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