Adult Grey Iconic Collection | One Bamboo Toothbrush + Toothbrush Cover Set

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Adult Grey Iconic Oral Care:

Your solution for enhanced dental hygiene! Our no-plastic sustainable toothbrush covers and bamboo toothbrush sets offer protection against cross-contamination and airborne germs. 

The silicone covers fit snugly around your toothbrush, allow air circulation, and dry quickly. With natural silver for antibacterial benefits, these reusable covers are dishwasher-safe and exceptionally durable. 

Toothbrush sets are non-BPA medium-to-hard bristles safe for anyone aged 12 and up, providing effective cleaning without toxic chemicals.

Elevate your dental hygiene with Toothbuckle oral care sets today! 


Bundles Includes matching toothbrushes & toothbrush covers.