About Us



We are ​female co-founders of Toothbuckle Ltd.

Toothbuckle is an oral health & hygiene product brand ​designed with a significant social impact at a low cost to the environment. 

We have created our company out of a personal need ​and a passion for improving the environment. It all started about five years ago. ​At the time, we both worked for two sizeable scheduled airline companies - Roz for British Airways and me​ for Virgin Atlantic. 

Our job allowed us to fly to some beautiful worldwide destinations and meet ​many incredible people, a position we both thoroughly enjoyed. Our experience taught us that flying for a living ​comes with always having two semi-packed suitcases at all times. ​More importantly, never forget your toothbrush. 

That being said, we would use many single-use plastics during our travels. For example, have at least two plastic toothbrushes and toothbrush covers, something we were never happy about ​in terms of the impact and damage caused to the environment​. We tried to find an alternative to plastic for a very long time, but without much success. We always used plastic ​toothbrush clip-on covers​ but found these harboured many germs and did a terrible job of staying on and providing any ​form of protection.

This meant we would throw the plastic covers away after a very short time, and us both being germaphobes said we needed something different​.

Unfortunately, at the time, we didn't have the answer...

In the end, we ​initially thought that using simple tissue paper would do the trick.... it didn't, but what is a girl supposed to do​!

Then, one​ beautiful summer evening ​, whilst sitting in the garden, both enjoying a glass or two of delightful wine​, I asked Roz, "​what if we were to make a new toothbrush cover? How would it look, and what materials would you use instead of plastic? 

It ​was a perfect time to try and figure it out. So we got some makeshift Play-Doh from my daughter's toy cupboard and set about crafting some covers over a couple of old toothbrushes we had lying around. ​After a few goes, ​we thought they looked pretty good​, not bad for something that started out as an idea! ​

If nothing else ​comes from this, it was a great way to enjoy each other's company while passing the time. 

Fast forward ​six months, ​when our world was turned completely upside down. 

Roz (my mum) was setting out on a path to what became one of the most challenging journeys ever, divorce! And me being diagnosed with breast cancer​.

It was all very surreal​, but we came through the other side!​

This brings us to where we are now. We took a leap of faith into the unknown as a positive distraction! 

We decided to put our oral care idea to fruition, hence creating the 

Toothbuckle brand.