About Us



Hi, community Roz and Ali here! We are the female founding team of
Toothbuckle is a sustainable health & beauty brand. We are creating products that have a low impact on the environment. We are women who want to help build a sustainable health-conscious future! Make affordable products for ordinary families who wish to change and become responsible consumers.
Plastic toothbrush covers offered would have the opposite effect; they used toxic plastics, promoted bacteria, gunk, mould, and germ build-up on your toothbrush. We want to showcase how, with inspired design, we meet our customers' ultimate need. For high quality, innovative, sustainable toothbrush covers that prevent bacterial growth in-between brushing.
By swapping out a plastic polluting toothbrush for a matching eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush, we take active responsibility for ourselves and the environment.
Toothbuckle is also committed to making positive change within our communities through the eyes of some of the most vulnerable children. We've partnered with UK charity Pamper Indulge & Give, where we invest in creating projects throughout the year to educate, inspire and enrich on all levels. We plan to speak the message of self-care, mindfulness, achievement, and 'We love our Planet'.
The key benefits of having your Toothbuckle are: 
 . Locks onto your toothbrush head securely whether you are on the move or at home.
. A ventilated cover that allows the toothbrush to dry out in between brushing thoroughly. 
. Natural silver is embedded into every toothbrush cover to give that additional antibacterial protection. 
. Easy to use, exceptionally durable and sustainable.
. Excellent value for money, as there is no reason to throw Toothbuckle away as it lasts a lifetime and is just as effective as the day you bought it. 
. Making Toothbuckle an essential part of your hygiene routine means that everyday airborne germs, toilet spray and cross-contamination is a problem of the past. 


Environmentally friendly
Problem: Each of us is ingesting micro-plastics every day.
Solution: Because let's be honest-there is no use covering your toothbrush with a plastic cover if you take in toxins simultaneously. Plus, Toothbuckle has no bad taste or smell like plastic covers; it's a fact.


Problem: For better or worse (and more recently worse), plastic has changed our everyday lives. Plastic is one of the cheapest materials on the planet but at an extremely high cost to us and the environment.
Solution: When it comes to the environment, Toothbuckle silicone is highly durable and fully recyclable. Our Toothbuckle being fantastically reusable and long-lasting, offsets millions of plastic covers from circulation.


Problem: 95% of us think buying another plastic toothbrush or cover won't make any real difference. You might too?
Solution: The truth is that every time you choose to buy another plastic toothbrush or cover, know that it takes 400 years for every product to break down and, even then, still be traces left behind. So, let's all choose wisely.
By deciding to use Toothbuckle's natural silicone covers and bamboo toothbrushes, you are protecting yourself and your family, now and for the future, against the plastic problem we all have.