Benefits and Features


The key benefits of your Toothbuckle Cover: 


  • Keeps your toothbrush clean and safe
  • Protects it from germs flushed into the air by toilets (I didn’t understand initially what your bullet point meant about ‘toilet spray’. I thought you meant air freshener at first)
  • The ventilated cover allows it to dry out between brushes
  • Embedded natural silver helps prevent bacterial growth and gunk
  • Value for money. Buy once - it lasts a lifetime
  • Plastic-free environmentally-friendly natural material
  • Proven design locks on securely


Why not try our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes too?



Environmentally friendly


Problem: Each of us ingests micro-plastics daily. We take in toxins when we cover our toothbrush with a plastic cover.


Solution: Completely plastic-free Toothbuckle oral care products give excellent hygiene protection, and have no bad taste or smell.


Problem: Plastic is one of the cheapest materials on the planet but comes at an extremely high cost to us and the environment.


Solution: Long-lasting Toothbuckle natural silicone covers and bamboo toothbrushes are part of the solution. Highly durable and fully recyclable, they won’t take 400 years to break down, unlike plastic.  


We are women who want to set up & help build a sustainable health-conscious future.


Putting our money where our mouth is marks the start of our journey towards making positive change:

  • Our affordable products for ordinary families make it easy to take active responsibility for ourselves and the environment
  • Our projects with UK charity Pamper Indulge & Give aim to educate, inspire and enrich on all levels. We love our Planet.