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A toothbrush cover with a lower impact on the environment

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I have waited so long for a toothbrush holder that does what it says on the tin! I ordered the pink and the blue one the colours makes it easy to 'grab and go'. It is a perfect fit for my toothbrush and reduces the chance of bacteria from leaving my toothbrush on the side of my sink. I also love the soft texture. I am so impressed that I have told my family and friends about this amazing product.

-Jon B., Toothbuckle customer

When my ToothBuckle delivery arrived, we were so pleasantly surprised! The packaging is clear, neat and information provided is concise. When I undressed the product from the packaging, I instantly felt the smooth of the ToothBuckle holder. I still cannot believe that this product will protect my gum and dental health, as well as protect my toothbrush from harbouring unnecessary dirt when I am travelling. Because it is made with a LFGB silicone, this reinforces the hygienic qualities and properties of the toothbrush holder!

-Stephanie., Toothbuckle customer

I must say this product is totally inspired and such a simple solution to an old problem - how to keep your toothbrush clean! The holders is made from a flexible & soft silicone substance that is tactile and comfortable to hold, even when wet. Placing my toothbrush into the holder is so easy and it fits perfectly. Very easy to rinse out under the tap - there's even a small drainage hole at the bottom of the holder to allow it to dry naturally. Awesome job Toothbuckle, I trust you are working on a version for electric toothbrushes!

-Jim G., Toothbuckle customer

I bought these toothbrush holders for going on holiday. It is perfect for traveling. It was easy to fit onto my toothbrush and is also light not bulky. It was easy to see which toothbrush was mine! and knowing I could leave it in the shared bathroom not picking up bugs was good. I would recommend Toothbuckle for home use too. Would make a great present too!

-Alan C.,Toothbuckle customer