Iconic | Rainforest | Mixed Bundle | Four Toothbrush Covers + Bamboo Toothbrushes

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Experience perfect protection and a feel-good finish with the Iconic Rainforest Mixed Bundle!

Our four silicone toothbrush covers prevent the cross-contamination of germs, while the natural silver provides additional antibacterial protection.

Plus, our vegan sustainable toothbrushes feature a secure lock and a ventilated cover to keep your toothbrush dry.

Clean and confident - that's the Toothbuckle promise!

Soft to firm recyclable caster bean bristles, perfect for effective cleaning, certified FSC raw Mao materials, ethically sourced FSC bamboo handles, and non-toxic water-based paint. 

Suitable from 12 years - Adult 

Four packs include - one yellow + one grey + one green + one purple toothbrush cover plus matching toothbrushes. 

Vegan Certification Bamboo Toothbrushes